Two of a Kind

when you and I first met, I knew it was good,
I knew we'd be tight:
transcending our genders and all of our demons,
you'd be the man who wouldn't make me hide.

I told them so, I said I knew you so well -
you didn't just tolerate, you really got through.
I was never all chocolate and chic high heels;
I became the someone you expected I would.

together we ran as the Girl rode along;
faster and faster, She came after us, laughing.
She had the answers and She knew who you were -
at least, that's what She said but I knew you more.
warnings like lightning struck the ground around me
and I turned kind eyes on those thinking the wrong things.

I never want to be seen as a Girl in your eyes;
no more of this his-and-hers when we could have ours.
so we met in a strange place? so it was a strange time?
so we were practically strangers when we kissed that first night?
I never felt it mattered so long as you understood:
that I'm your other half and you're no Robin Hood.
no prince could speak and spark such delight;
brighter than candles, romance for us was a plight
suffered by kids who didn't work out
that sex was an illusion and gender spawned their doubt:
will she like this or that? is he true to me?
we never asked questions: we always explained.

and this embittered Her - She wanted it, too.
I knew when She told me Her lies about you:
you're no gun-toting bastard
no desperate man
you're my other half and I'm no Maid Marian.

later today when I catch you unawares,
I call for you as I run up from behind.
you turn around and in your hand, I can't believe,
I don't speak another word as you fire and leave
yet you turn, as I crumple, and bend to catch my gaze
before I can incriminate, you're innocent again.
She was never right - you get me to safety;
once I'm restored, I find you still care.

always adored, you're still there,
blowing the smoke from your weapon:
you'll never get me wrong again.

© Jess Zelhart, 2004. Thou shalt not steal.

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