This End Up

cardboard cubicles
are the only safe haven
for the broken pieces
who have dropped out,
who have fallen out.
we've been reduced to
doing one task and we're
doing it damn well, thank you.

venturing outside the styrofoam box
is not recommended
for us fragile pieces of furniture.
it's best to stay inside
where nothing hurts,
best to continue sucking in
bagged, sterile air.
but that's the problem:
in here.

the company motto is
keep your eye on the ball,
but the insurance clause
warns us to dodge it
because we can't afford
any damage control.
don't step through the doors
without your suit on
because it's hell out there -

or is it hell in here?

© Jess Zelhart, 2008. Thou shalt not steal.

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