Strange Sympathy

so advanced in your emulation
you copy everything he does
no, that's not it with you
it's been going on a while
you've got something more pressing on your mind
than thinking him to be a deity
he's the only one who could empathize
if he were ever at your side

this sexy, sweet, wasted boy
he knows exactly how you feel
you believe all that he thinks
you believe that he's for real
this gorgeous but reclusive star
doesn't even know who you are

not everyone hurts like this
that's why he had to fade away
he was just another fad for another cloudy day
whatever he did was right; he spoke the absolute truth
you gave yourself away to whatever was there
you gave yourself to him whenever you were scared
you were too complex for this world you were given
and you never felt that what you did was really living

this sex-god, angel, fucked-up babe
he knows exactly how you feel
he says what's on your mind
a strange sympathy, surreal
this androgyne, this troubled star
doesn't know who the hell you are

nobody hurts like this
you only think you do
the ringing in your ears persists
as you choke yourself
feel something new
burn yourself
'cause that's what he'd do
erase yourself
we're done with you
now he's gone, too.

© Jess Zelhart, 2002. Thou shalt not steal.

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