waiting for the sun to reach the southern horizon
waiting for the leaves to turn and drop
waiting for november because it's what I best recall
I barely made it last year but I'm still here after all

longing for the fall-familiar scent in the air
longing for the bitter chill that chafes my skin
longing for tomorrow to end just like today
with another violet sunset lit up by grenadine rays

walk into silence
extending forever
snow on the forecast
and grey sky overhead
end of season lapse
into my winter coma
lock myself up with
acetaminophen smiles

waiting for the clouds to become one neverending mass
waiting for the cars to puff exhaust that I can see
waiting for a blanket in which I can wrap myself
take comfort in the knowledge that I'm faced with only me

nobody watches
and few really care
just the same as it was
every other year
not me, I wait for this
to ease my restless nature
walking into silence
comatose forever

© Jess Zelhart, 2002. Thou shalt not steal.

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