Retrograde Motion

you're travelling so fast
you're spiralling away
you're barely in control
you're moving in retrograde
you're so fast you're spinning backwards
and I'm so slow I'm standing still
you orbit endless, effortlessly
like another godforsaken meteor
you're circling your star
somewhere in hyperspace
it's just another supernova
collapsing in your face
another void, another black hole
that's just waiting to suck you in
backwards, forwards, shifting poles
you don't know which way to spin
you're so fast you're in retrograde
and I'm so slow I'm standing still
you're caving in upon yourself
just when you think it's all okay
you're losing your anchor, your cosmic sun
no longer its only satellite
so you're in retrograde motion
falling back into the night
so fast you're tumbling sideways
I might as well be standing still
because you don't know which way you're going
and I don't think you ever will

© Jess Zelhart, 2002. Thou shalt not steal.

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