Dear Placebo

I know I should trust you
because they all do
I take this shit
because it's good for me
we've got to make me well
make us well
make them all well
and put them through hell

waking up soaking wet from another black hole
these caves in my mind are okay, then?
no need to fix them all to fix the problem
six weeks and eight weeks and I'm still in pain
are you sure this isn't poison?
three months and mood swings and I'm fine, I'm fine
it's better to be here now than where I was before
although I've got blood pouring from my ears tonight

I know I should trust you
we have no choice but to
don't take no shit
because it's good for you
science is going to make us well
little round pills sticking in throats
get out the broom, she's fallen down
we've got one more to sweep under the rug

please let me trust you
my vision is failing
please let me trust you
my head is pounding
side effects don't affect
for more than seven days
I've read the warning label
I'm losing my place

we're trapped in corners all over the country
we're stuck in coffins before we exhale
these poisoned placebos aren't making us better
these overdose capsules capsizing our ships

little brown bottle, I never thought
you'd be the one to end my pain
only to start it all over again
when I least expect it
little white pills, I've got you in my hands
you can't get away from me, I need you
but you won't be refilled
I'm taking the maximum dose now

© Jess Zelhart, 2004. Thou shalt not steal.

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