Over The Falls

she drops teacups over the parapet
breaking mother's china
so she doesn't break herself

while I run around with buckets full
of secrets and excuses
eager to pour them on someone

let's go away
over the falls
in a barrel
over the falls
through the channels
down to the rocks below

there's a pain
between my eyes
shattered porcelain
isn't going to cure it
but let's push the rest
into the rapids

she crushes silverware in her fist
her love builds up like a dam
and she readies her cannon

while I run away in a raincoat
I filled the pockets with stones
eager to throw myself over, over, over

over the falls
into the rapids
on with the night
out of the family

she sulks downstairs
and out to the patio
walking barefoot through the shards
mother, don't cry
don't call the hospital
this means I'm doing okay.

© Jess Zelhart, 2005. Thou shalt not steal.

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