A Better Liar

of course you knew
and of course you do
of course you meant
and of course you say
of course your friends
of course your band
of course your career
your car
your lucky winning hand

you're a bigger, better liar
than I'll ever be
your long nose is on fire
it's growing exponentially
certainly we'll try to staunch it
but I may smother out the lies
when left with only honesty,
do you have any more surprises?

of course your death
your pleas and needs
of course your breath
is breathed so sweet
you're still foul inside
a bitter, viler girl
of course you're fine
of course it all worked out
of course your hatred
your abuse
your mis-truths
all better
because you're better

a bigger, better liar
than I'll ever hope to meet
your clothes are catching fire
and you won't roll in the street
we're running out of water
to pour upon your wounds
let's hope all the burns
will force reality upon you

of course we'll just believe you
when you say you dropped a match.

© Jess Zelhart, 2005. Thou shalt not steal.

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