Just Another Ending

we fucked up
are we drifting?
you tell me
arguments fixated
names called, habits hated
what's done is done

false ties and white lies
wish we could decide
whether we're leaving
this love isn't breathing
nothing to understand
nothing to comprehend
another ending -
just another ending

we lucked out
are we golden?
or trying too hard?
stories get twisted
old quarrels revisited
what's done is done

butterflies and lullabies
wish we had respite
from loving and loathing
this love must keep moving
I won't try to change you
I won't try to blame you

dark skies and drive-bys
wish we could decide
to stay or keep moving
this love is losing
it's hard to understand
but we've got to comprehend
another ending -
just another ending.

© Jess Zelhart, 2005. Thou shalt not steal.

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