january stretches out
across the sky
pink blue and cold
clouds filter through weak light
to help make her shelter tree grow
while there's no winter snow

she's one of the need-someone girls
I run across so many this time of year
crawling through holes
left in the clouds
by the boys that they're chasing
but don't really want

I touch her face
as I tell her that's not
what she wants or needs
that she's just filling holes

I take her hand
to try to guide her
back on the track she abandoned
but she wants me to let go

january lingers on
through the days
sky blue and cold
there aren't enough clouds
the wind blows but there's no snow
she wants me to let her go

don't need someone, girls
they're not what you think
I can't keep coming across you
without saying something
am I the only one who warns you,
or do you know what you don't want?

© Jess Zelhart, 2006. Thou shalt not steal.

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