you forget how we've been chastized,
bastardized and ostracized;
each era made us feel unwelcome -
unsure of where we belong.
you matrimones all give us pause:
we can't say our vows today because ...?
we just aren't like the other ones -
we're not like you at all.

and when it comes to making love,
we scandalize the Lord Above
by the mere connection of two halves that look the same.
and of course, we do not procreate
and cannot possibly create
homes where our youth won't hesitate
to place on us the blame
for tainting them with faggotry when they strive to be straight.

we've tried to keep our dignity
through feigned impassivity;
we've tried our very best to be
the people who we aren't.
in public, we don't kiss or touch
or speak fondly of our lovers much
but we allow you all to clutch
at straws, claiming our souls tempt fate.

although sometimes we've had our way -
some centuries where we could stay -
it isn't common much today
to state one's sexuality without being afraid.
thank you, god and countrymen
for shutting us away again!
forever our fair-weather friends -
why don't you dare to fight for love?

© Jess Zelhart, 2004. Thou shalt not steal.

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