every time I go driving
I see these churches
synagogues, mosques
so many houses of God
dedicated to Him
and His Angels
His Son
His Holy Presence
and I don't want any part of it.

so I continue driving
I'll just be on my way
came by for the ice-cream social
but I only wanted some sweetness in my day.

no I don't want to probe
I don't want to pry
I don't want your Holy Book
shielding my Eyes.
I've got to be going
nice to have met you all
you stay on your Knees
genuflect to the pall.

oh Spirit who says He's on the line
I know you're getting clogged with calls
but I thought I'd say I'm doing fine
without you hanging over my shoulder
without you or the hand of Satan swaying my course.

I'm only driving over mundane city roads
when I know there are people spreading His Word
I'm afraid that kind of thing is not for me
I figure the natives have already Seen and Heard it all.

sometimes at night I wish I could pray
like I did as a child, fists clenched under my chin.
I told Him all the things I was afraid of
I begged for protection and for peace
and what do you know, I am still alive
everything I prayed for was pretty spot-on
but does that mean He was there for me?
how do I know my prayers weren't answered by the Other Side?

don't think it'd matter
if He were a She
if Him were a Her
I'd still be driving on by
because She doesn't know
any more than He will
and an entire Multitude
won't save the Universe.

© Jess Zelhart, 2005. Thou shalt not steal.

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