Encounter With A Stranger Abroad

Standing there
So intriguing
I think I've seen you somewhere before ...
I sit down
To chew the fat
Though you're awfully skinny -
Haven't been chewing the fat much lately
Have you?
Hello, I say
You look ...
You look like you're not from around here.
I'm not, you say.
Yeah, well, they said you go by Rick;
They pointed to you, shorn brown hair,
Brown eyes, brown clothes, white skin - real pale -
They said, that's Rick.
Nice to meet you, Rick.
You cringe.
You say it's unusual
To be called by that name;
Everything seems so
Here in Goa:
You're a Goa man now, in any case.
Awful warm for February, I say,
Seems to me it's awful warm
But I'm not from around these parts, I say.
You smile, conceding the point,
You say, yeah, I'm not used to this, either.
Last time I was in Asia, I say,
It wasn't this hot.
When was that, you say.
When was that, says Rick.
Oh, I don't know, a few years ago ...
There was a concert, I say,
Some band from abroad
You look away.
I wouldn't know, you say.
Don't keep up with that sort of thing
Well, I'm off, I say,
Don't want to overstay my welcome
At this street corner café table.
G'bye, Rick.
See you, Goa man.
Goa, as in go away
Go home
If you still know where that is.
Canary Islands, as in isolation
As in fly away -
That's what you did.
See you around, Goa man.
Goa man:
Go away, man
Go home, Rick.

© Jess Zelhart, 2002. Thou shalt not steal.

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